What is an Arboretum?

“An arboretum is a plot of land where different plants are grown for study or popular interest” (Macquarie Dictionary).  The Jawbone Arboretum specializes in local native flora, planted and labelled to enable visitors to gain an understanding of growth habits, colour of flower and leaf and size of plants.

What does the Arboretum do?

Visitors will find it a tranquil place in which to:

  • Become familiar with our indigenous plants
  • Discover what will grow in local gardens
  • Enjoy views of the lake, Jawbone Point and Port Phillip Bay
  • Take photos
  • Bird watch.


  • The Jawbone Arboretum came into being in April 2007 as part of Friends of Williamstown Wetlands  20th anniversary celebrations
  • Before 1990 The area was part of Williamstown Rifle Range which was first opened in 1877
  • The Friends have been developing this showcase of local flora ever since. 

How to Enjoy the Arboretum

  • Study the plants with a view to using them in your garden
  • Sit, relax and enjoy the tranquillity
  • Listen to the sounds of nature
  • Enjoy a picnic
  • Participate in nature study
  • Respect all wildlife
  • Participate in Friends of Williamstown Wetlands monthly activities at the site.