Wader Beach for Birds not Litter.

FOWW was awarded further funding by the Metropolitan Waste Resource and Recovery Group to implement the Action Plan developed by the first phase of the Wader Beach Project. 

FOWW volunteers worked with volunteers from Friends of Greenwich Bay, Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group, Scab Duty, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team and 3016 Beach Patrol to continue with a litter survey, clean ups and some investigations into the stormwater drainage system.

For more detailed information, please read our

Project Report  2015-2017

Appendix 1 - Litter Survey and Analysis

Appendix 2 - Plastic in the Environment - a Literature Review

Appendix 3 - Examination of Fish Gut Contents

Appendix 4 - Waterways and Wetlands Investigations

in the attachments below.

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