This is another Samphire species - salt tolerant with modified succulent stems to retain water. In our area, the black seeded glasswort seems to prefer the Paisley-Challis wetlands to the Wader Beach shoreline, where much of the beaded glasswort (no. 2 in our series of saltmarsh plants) is found. 

Black seeded glasswort is easy to distinguish from the beaded glasswort. It forms small grey-green shrubs rather than the bright-green ground cover of the beaded glasswort. It grows well among the noon flowers along the bike path at Paisley-Challis wetlands. 

The shrubs rarely grow more than 40 cm high in our area. The flowers look like tiny yellow spikes growing out of the joints along the stems. There are several species of Tecticornia in Victoria, black seeded glasswort being the most common.